INNO 2000 - Coffin Lowering Device

We are proud to offer this outstanding coffin lowering device to our customer. The INNO 2000 is the latest model in a series of patented coffin lowering devices produced by the Dutch company Honor since 1948.

This automatic device has a smooth and silent lowering action without the need for any external power supply and a reliable centrifugal braking and conveyor system which is mounted as a separate module in the apparatus. The device is insensitive to weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, dirt and damp levels.

It is vibration free, easy to operate, lightweight, stable, sturdy, has a strong steel frame

This means the INNO 2000 is a device you can really rely on.


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Once the coffin has been placed above the grave it can easily be lowered by either a foot switch or remote hand control. The speed of descent is constant and the supports will only release when the coffin has reached the bottom of the grave. After raising the casket supports with the hand crank, both press studs can be reconnected and the apparatus is ready for use again.


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