All the functions required to administer burials and graves - at an affordable price.
BACAS Lite provides all the standard functions you would expect from a burial system


  • Multi Cemetery
  • Burial Register
  • Grave Register
  • Exhumation Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Transfer Of Ownership
  • Email Facility

Standard Functions

  • Create Cemeteries
  • Create Sections and Sub Sections
  • Record Addresses, telephone numbers, and staff details
  • Generation of quick-entry-lists to ensure input is fast and consistent

There have been several cemetery systems on the market, but none have provided the functionality that is required for a basic cemetery system - at a price that can be afforded by the type of organization, that is burying less than one hundred people a year. Clear Skies Software, as part of its on going development, has developed a new version of its popular cemetery and crematorium administration system.

BACAS Lite uses the program engine that will power the new BACAS system currently under development. This provides you with all the base functions, including integration with Microsoft Word, Email facilities and the powerful resource database that makes BACAS so flexible.

BACAS Lite can be upgraded to take more features as they become available and also, due to the software architecture, will allow you to take the opportunity to keep your system up to date as legislation and technology changes.

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